YouTube Personal Branding

What do YouTubers get right about personal branding?

Hint: It’s more than you’d think.

YouTube is the world’s largest entertainment platform. It’s spawned hundreds of influencers and celebrities like Jenna Marbles, Jeffree Star and Pewdiepie. But, it’s also the biggest digital example of personal branding at work.

YouTubers; as they are often called, live or die by the strength of their brand.

They invest a great deal of time and energy into key brand elements like tone, brand design and content guidelines. Each one of them has a unique style of speaking and editing their videos. Often, they will come up with fun nicknames for their followers (which further strengthens brand association and sense of community).


Design is also a huge element of their success. Snappy video editing techniques like jump cuts, overlays and title cards add interest to what they’re saying. You’ll see each YouTuber adopt specific iconography, font and colours that become associated with them as their following grows. The key here is consistency.

How can you apply it?

One way is to start thinking about consistently applying icons and colours that have meaning to you. As your reach grows, you’ll become more deeply associated with them. Take our little hummingbird; she is so much more than a logo. She is an icon symbolising positivity, optimism and the ability to move forward. Her bright plumage was the inspiration for our brand colours – strong yet muted to portray professional vibrancy.