How our services have supported our clients

Donna Ockenden

This clinical consultancy is conducting the Independent Maternity Review of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. This is the largest review ever of a NHS service. Our work for this organisation includes strategic stakeholder management, project management and communications services.

Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council  required additional communications capacity to support the dissemination of urgent and essential COVID19 information to their most vulnerable residents in the city which included people in care homes and those in receipt of adult social care.

Waltham Forest Council

Waltham Forest Council were in the process of applying for their second designation for Private Sector Licensing scheme. The council were concerned about the success of this application due to other boroughs’ failure to gain second designation status due to improper consultation and evidence. The licensing scheme is essential for several reasons including recovering lost council tax at a time when budgets are reducing, demonstrating that the borough has a thriving private rental sector and most importantly to protect vulnerable residents from substandard housing.  

Sue Ryder Care

The marketing team at Sue Ryder had undertaken a large recruitment drive and as such were eager to embed a strong corporate culture within the business. To do this they needed to determine their core values and work in a positive and engaging way to instill these values within the wider communications team. The senior management team at Sue Ryder were keen to create an environment which would support maximum output.

Eko Trust

Eko Trust is a family of good and outstanding schools passionate about nurturing, growing and developing people so that the children and families that they serve have the best opportunities to thrive. The trust wanted to target two new schools to add to the collective, and needed to rebrand them appropriately. They also wanted help to communicate with stakeholders and member schools.