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You might know what you want or you might not. All our services include some level of coaching to support you, your team, your organisation to identify, understand, communicate what you want to achieve. We always start with clarifying what you want – not just because it saves you both time and money, it also ensures that you actually get what you want/need! We want to deliver high quality, effective, efficient services that make a difference – and clarity always underpins this.

What we can do for you

Coaching - executive, business and personal

Working with you to determine what you want and action planning a way forward to achieving successful outcomes.

Marketing communications

Working with you to establish why, when, and how you will communicate the difference that makes a difference.


Working with you to set out who, why and how you can work with your stakeholders to support, advocate, engage with you to achieve the difference you want to make.


Working with you to create realistic action plans that create a roadmap to successful delivery of communication projects / campaigns / outcomes.


Working with you to establish a reputation management process before, during and after a crisis alongside media handling during these phases.


Working with you to determine and use any combination of the marketing tools below, that are right for you, to deliver your outcomes.

Marketing mix includes

Brand development

Defining your organisational values, culture, mission

Marketing collateral

Creating the shiny stuff like advertising, event materials, merchandise, publications, websites, social media


Managing your event from start to finish including event conception, event delivery, post-event evaluation and feedback

Public relations

Raising your profile and managing your reputation through media management, media training, announcements and launches

Like most things in life, the support you need depends on what you want to achieve.

Let’s talk about it and see how we can work with you to find the right solution for you.


About us

I am Shaline Manhertz – the founder and Managing Director of Exceeding Your Potential. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved communicating and connecting with others. Over the past 20+ years I’ve honed my communication skills:
  • as a marketing communications specialist with experience gained in public sector communications at both central and local government; and
  • as a professional performance coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
Check out my LinkedIn profile to find out more. ‘Exceeding your potential’ supports people, organisations and businesses to understand what makes them different and how this difference can support them to achieve their goals. My love for communication and connection drives my team and I to work with our clients to listen, challenge, debate, empathise and deliver. Working in partnership with you, the client, we identify the key issues and goals, to understand the importance of them, and support you to communicate effectively the difference that makes a difference to you, your family, your team, your business/organisation, your stakeholders/audiences.


Exceeding Your Potential works in collaboration with Astraea PR. Together we are a boutique business consultancy services grounded in marketing, communications, and coaching, with a portfolio of projects that are best practice, groundbreaking and innovative. We deliver bespoke communications and business solutions to you and your organisation. Our unique synergy transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through our mode of working we create successful outcomes that are stronger, well-thought out, and can withstand challenge.

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