Issue: The marketing team at Sue Ryder had undertaken a large recruitment drive and as such were eager to embed a strong corporate culture within the business. To do this they needed to determine their core values and work in a positive and engaging way to instill these values within the wider communications team. The senior management team at Sue Ryder were keen to create an environment which would support maximum output.
Solution: We led an away day workshop for the marketing team at Sue Ryder. The workshop  focused on developing a better understanding of what good team communication looked like, how individual actions contributed to this and which modes of communication were best employed to achieve optimal communication.
Result: The workshop resulted in a structured assessment of the business and what real-time communication changes could be employed to generate success. Participants created a team action plan to facilitate better communication and each member identified their preferred ways of communication to the benefit of their colleagues. The team gave the workshop an 86% satisfaction rating. In post event follow-up the team manager reported that all actions and associated plans determined from the awayday were completed within the agreed timeframe.

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