Issue: The Language Shop was one of the first council departments under Newham Council to separate and establish as an independent business. The need to launch The Language Shop in the marketplace with a unique and independent identity was paramount, while still leveraging their previous accolades gained when they were part of the council was also important so they could maintain client trust.
Solution: We worked to create an integrated internal and external campaign with The Language Shop. We not only created relevant collateral to support their new business mission, we also worked diligently with their management team to employ tactics to energise their internal teams with the new vision and programmes.
Result: From a tactical standpoint we implemented a new website presence for customers and employees, supporting e-newsletter content to drive engagement and launched a recruitment drive to support entry to market. Alongside this, we conducted training sessions with both their Managing Director and Operations Director to cement the corporate message and wider dissemination tactics for the team. This culminated in their awarding of 2nd place in the National Efficiency Awards.

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