Above view of multi-ethnic marketing experts discussing tasks for business development at meeting
Issue: The Early Start Group provides a range of services that include daycare nurseries and parenting/family support services in conjunction with Newham Council. In addition, they provide training, health and wellbeing programmes. The group needed help to reestablish and define marketing goals for the purpose of driving greater market penetration.
Solution: We worked with the Early Start Group to host a workshop to collaboratively identify marketing opportunities and supporting tactics. Throughout the workshop, we coached participants to better define their company’s marketing objectives and scrutinise their audiences. By identifying their objectives and target audiences they were able to better align tactics to objectives.
Result: The workshop proved successful, resulting in a 100-day action plan to effectively establish and implement the new clearer marketing programme. With clear SMART marketing objectives determined and supporting tactics assigned key project owners were able to achieve their deliverables. Furthermore, the management team were able to effectively steer their marketing programme and achieve business objectives long-term.

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