Coaching Prep

What to do before your coaching session

Yes, you need to prepare too!

Fail to plan, plan to fail. You have heard that before and it’s very true in the case of professional coaching. There is a fair bit of thinking required, before you just turn up on the day. Below are some key things you can do to prep yourself for coaching.

Think critically about your problem areas and take notes.

First, what problems are you trying to solve with coaching? Do you have trouble with interpersonal relationships in the workplace? Do you feel like you are undervalued? Maybe you don’t know what your next move should be? Make a list.


Next, what is preventing you from making any headway on this issue? Is there a skill gap or a will gap? Are you making time for it? Do you know what the steps are? Write it all down.


Also, how much would fixing this problem help you? Rank each one on a scale of 1 to 10. This will help you prioritise what to tackle in session first.


Lastly, are you willing to be open with your coach about these high-priority issues. If you don’t feel comfortable being 100% transparent yet, maybe save that issue for a future session.

Is that it?

Basically, yes! Your success in a coaching session will come down to defining and agreeing realistic, measurable goals. By doing a few minutes of preparation, you will improve your first session tenfold.